Sharing & commenting guidelines

Here at Trucking Depot, we are trying to create a place that is suitable for all kinds of folks to gather and interract. To help acheive that we've put together a list of guidelines that we ask everyone to adhere to.

Be kind. Hate speach or any kind of verbal attack or threat against anyone (regardless of the reason) is not allowed.

Be clean. Please do not post any images that include nudity or scantily clad people. Refrain from using foul or offensive language in comments or posts.

Be genuine. Posts and comments are meant for community interraction; please do not use them to spam others. If you have something to sell, create a listing or become a sponsor.

Help us. We do our best to moderate this site and make sure that everything follows these guidelines, but we are human and we will occasionally miss something. Please help us out by letting us know if you see something offensive.